Each football shirt listing is thoroughly checked before going live. In addition, All Football Shirts users can also join in and confirm the authenticity and legitimacy of an item by providing feedback on all listings, filtering out further fakes. Our friendly UK based team is also on hand to help, assist and support users through their All Football Shirts experience, providing excellent customer service.


All Football Shirts focuses on giving the football shirt community a voice whilst making selling and buying shirts more accessible to everyone regardless of football shirt knowledge and background. All Football Shirts aims at empowering the football shirt community by allowing users to share their knowledge and experience in order to make buying/selling football shirts a nicer and safer experience for all.


Bring The Community Together’: All Football Shirts offers a complete football shirt hub, by bringing buyers, sellers and all football shirts enthusiasts together in one vibrant and exciting place.

We aim to make All Football Shirts THE place for you to sell/buy authentic football shirts + browse and share football shirts contents all on one user-friendly platform.

What Sets Us Apart

We genuinely care about the authenticity of items listed on All Football Shirts and to give you peace of mind, each listing is humanly checked. We will never guarantee 0% fake but we will certainly do our best to stop counterfeit reach our platform. 

Additionally, All Football Shirts is unique in the way it encourages the football shirt community to get involved and for football shirts enthusiasts to be part of our platform and how we evolve.  

With so much knowledge within the football shirt community, All Football Shirts is keen to empower its users and use this expertise throughout our website now  and in the future. 

Why Use All Football Shirts

All Football Shirts is a UK based football shirt community driven platform which encourages users to get involved and, as we move forward, share their knowledge (and football shirt collections!) with others users.

As a complete football shirt hub, All Football Shirts allows you buy and sell shirts, but our website also helps you find your ‘grail’ by letting you post free ads detailing the football shirts you’ve been looking for, which All Football Shirts will share online via our platform and socials for potential sellers to see. 

Finally, by charging a selling fee of only 5% (which is up to 50% less than other selling platforms), we aim at ensuring sellers within the community get to keep more of their money.