Seller FAQS

  • What do I need to set up an All Football Shirts seller account?
    Simply head over to our Sell page and open an account with us. You will then be able to quickly create your profile, set up your own branded shop (should you want to), and start listing in no time! Please remember that for now, All Football Shirts only allows U.K. based users to sell. (non uk sellers will be able to use All Football Shirts soon!)
  • What are the selling fees?
    There is no other hidden cost, re-listing fees or monthly subscription. All Football Shirts only charge U.K. sellers 5% (and 8% for international sellers) of the total listing value and that's it! This fee is charged at point of sale (excl. postage). which means if you don't sell, you don't pay: It's that simple!
  • What can I, and can't list, on All Football Shirts?
    On All Football Shirts, you can list most things relating to football but unfortunately we've had to exclude some items such as football boots, hats, scarves, trousers*, socks* or shorts* (*unless they come as a kit with a football shirt or as part of a tracksuit for trousers). If in doubt, get in touch, we will be happy to help.
  • How long does it take for my listing(s) to be approved?
    On average listings will be approved within 2 hours. However, remember that to ensure we filter out fakes as much as possible, each listing is humanly. This may cause a longer wait at certain times. In a hurry? Keep in mind that the clear photos and providing labels/tags details will help us approve your listing(s) quicker.
  • What are the photo requirements on All Football Shirts?
    The better the quality of your photos, the quicker your item will sell so if you need some help, head to our Help page and check out our photo tips to find some simple advice which may help. Photo of labels and product numbers also help us approving your listing quicker.
  • How do I deactivate my seller account?
    We’ll be sad to see you leave but if you wish to deactivate your account, please contact us with your details and will cancel your account before providing you with a full confirmation.

Buyer FAQs

  • As a buyer, do I get charged an additional fee?
    No, there are no hidden fees! Aside of shipping cost listed by sellers on each item, the price listed is the amount you will pay. We like to be straight with you and keep things simple.
  • How can I double check that a shirt isn’t a fake?
    Although we carefully check each listing before being published, if you still have any doubts; get in touch with us or drop FakeShirtPolice (on Twitter) a DM. Approachable and helpful, they have years of expertise and are well known within the football shirt community. However, if you feel you need to see more photos of a shirt you're interested in, always ask the seller for more photos; a genuine seller will always be happy to confirm the authenticity of a shirt!
  • How do I report a seller for misconduct?
    All Football Shirts have ‘Zero Tolerance’ policy on bad practices, online abuse and overall bad behaviour. To report a seller, please contact us immediately. We'll then take the necessary action.
  • Is my data and payment details stored securely?
    Yes, All Football Shirts takes our users' data seriously. We use all the technology available to us to keep you and your data safe and give you peace of mind when using our platform. Please read our Privacy policy for more details.
  • How to I complain, arrange a return or raise an issue relating to a buyer or item?
    Although any disputes need to be settled between the buyer and seller (please see our Terms and Conditions) All Football Shirts are happy to get involved as an independent party to help resolve any disagreement or dispute.
  • How long does it take for shirts to be delivered?
    The delivery time will vary depending on the listing and the advertised delivery timescale and method detailed by the seller. Any shipping issues must be first addressed with the relevant seller but, of course, All Football Shirts will always be happy to assist.
  • Do you arrange for the shirts to be framed?
    No (we have our limits!), but we definitely know who can help; Framewerks_official (on Instagram). Experienced, friendly and they offer a great service.