For starters I’d like to introduce myself a bit. My name is Sven, Belgian living in The Netherlands and I believe to be the biggest fan on the planet of Eden Hazard. So as far as my (shirt) collection goes. It’s 85% about Eden, 10% about his brothers and 5% others. I’m going to write this blog about him every now and then and I hope you will enjoy it. Mostly I will talk about his shirts of course. And I got some really special ones! But to kick off I thought it would be nice just to tell you all who I am. I also got 3 kids, a boy and 2 girls, and they also have their little Hazard kits in their dressing room of course 🙂 I’m 32 years old at the moment and been following Eden for half of my life. Most non-French people really gotten into him when he arrived at Chelsea but I saw him first as a 15-year old kid absolutely demolishing the first team of Club Brugge (who I support in Belgium) in a preseason friendly back in 2006. 

I found out his name was Eden Hazard and he was a Belgian to top it off. If you followed Belgian football pre generation 2012, you would know there wasn’t much to cheer about in the past +- 20 years of Belgian international football. Watching this young kid play back then was breathtaking and gave a lot of hope for the future. And if you missed him at Lille OSC, please watch some old school videos on youtube. He was a lot like young Ronaldo. A joy to watch. Enter addiction!

16 years later I got about 10 matchworn shirts (with a very good source, not just any dude selling a shirt as matchworn), I got over 60 normal shirts, a tattoo on my leg, signed shirts and shoes and a lot of collectable items. I also got a decent amount of Thorgan and Kylian Hazard shirts and I’m working hard to get my hands on an Ethan jersey. But that ain’t easy considering he’s playing at a U21 team in fourth division 🙂

My dream is to physically meet him one day though. I’ve tried so much throughout the years trough newspapers and social media. I was once very close when I got my tattoo and asked if one of the biggest Belgian newspapers could help me with my dream. There was some contact back and forth but it suddenly stopped. 

I could talk and type about this for hours but I have to end somewhere so I’ll end it here. In the upcoming times I will post shirts of his that I like with some info about the shirt, a rating (both about the shirt as for my emotional value) and some of his performances in it. Thank you for taking your time to read this. And if you want to check out some of my collection be sure to check out my Instagram page: @edenhazard_collection. Cheers and see you soon!

(By @edenhazard_collection on Instagram)