Knowing what I know now about football, I think life would have been very different for me. Looking back, I would have begged my parents to put me in an after-school sports activity to start playing football and should have took the game seriously when we had PE lessons in primary school. Who knows where I would have ended up if I did take the game seriously…could be playing for a big club or Sunday league football 🤷🏼‍♂️who’s knows.

I have a level 1 – Introduction to Coaching Football certificate, in which I was hoping to start my football coaching career but this has yet materialised as full time job and family life (wife and 2 kids) has taken much of my time.

Manchester United; My interest in Manchester United is when I was around 10 (1999). I’ll paint a picture for you… here I was in the living room watching the Champions League final between Manchester United and FC Bayern Munich. With Manchester United losing 1-0 and I decided to go to sleep as I had school the next day. Whilst nodding off to sleep, my brother came sprinting upstairs and told me that United won the game and they are the winners. I was jumping for joy that we won the final but I never knew the aftermath and how big this was for the club until a few years later.

Never was interested in football shirts until 2003, sadly the year David Beckham left the beloved Manchester United but along came Ronaldo, CR7. I ended up purchasing the 2002/2004 Manchester United home shirt in an XL boys (to think now, I regret not getting an adult size) with CR7 as the name set.

…and the shirt was so nice, I got another one of the same with Saha as the name set (but sadly, the name set has faded away).

Football Shirts; Like an addict, as soon I purchased my 1st football shirt, I knew from that moment that I have to have the complete range. Every season since 2003 to now, I have always purchased the home shirt of Manchester United. These days, I am looking to get my hands on pre 2003 Manchester United football shirts to add to my collection, whether it’s home, away, 3rd or GK. 

As well as Manchester United shirts, I do have a collection of other teams and international. This varies from when I go on holiday, I would try and buy a football shirt from that city as memorabilia or I would buy because I like the look of the shirt. I have found a few of deals on different sites like EBay, Vinted and even Classic Football Shirts website and this had lead to me to having just over 100 shirts 😏 and also training shirts and tops

I do like say that the only shirts I wouldn’t like to have in the collection is the big rivals of Manchester United that plays in the Premier League but there has been a few exceptions to wanting the rivals shirts. I always think goalkeeper shirts are underrated as they are not represented or rarely seen and, most fans or if not, all would always purchase home, away or 3rd shirts.

I hope you enjoy reading my 1st football blog. 

(By @kammysfootballshirts on Instagram)