This was my second trip to the historic San Siro, having seen AC Milan beat Udinese 4-2 earlier in the season. So I decided I needed to watch the black and blue half of the city, Inter Milan. Weirdly enough they were also playing Udinese.

Getting to the stadium is a single tram ride away from the city centre, for only a few €. Seeing the stadium for the first time is an incredible experience. The excitement builds as you walk down the road towards the stadium. Then it peeks into view. The spiral staircases surrounding the stadium are a sight to behold. Bigger and taller than you can imagine. 

Again, getting inside the stadium was a simple and easy process if you get there nice and early. Which I always like to do to soak up the atmosphere. Once inside, the club shop is definitely worth a visit, whether you’re picking a shirt or getting a pitch-side view. Yes, you can get a view from right behind the goal from inside the club shop. I have to admit, I missed this on my first visit but it’s a great touch. 

I was sat in the middle tier, above the corner flag. The opposite end to the Curva Nord. It was a great view. Walking up the steps and getting that first view of the pitch is incredible. This is always one of my favourite parts of visiting new stadiums. 

The pre match song hits and the Curva Nord explode into sound with the heat of the drums. The atmosphere builds quickly. The ultras were a constant wall of noise throughout the game. It was amazing to experience. 

The game finished 3-1 to Inter. With goals from Lukaku, Mkhitaryan and Lautaro Martinez. This was an important win to keep them in the hunt for a top 4 spot. 

Like Juventus and AC Milan getting tickets is a simple process. Create a free account and you’re off. My ticket was €14. €14 for a game at the San Siro is a bargain everyone needs to take advantage of if they ever get the chance. 

(By @olis_footballshirtcollection on Instagram)